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HSC Home Care, LLC

Providing Care and Touching Lives Where It Means the Most
When your child needs medical care at home, HSC Home Care, LLC is there to provide a customized plan of care to meet your needs. A Medicaid certified home health agency that is located and licensed in the District of Columbia, we’re dedicated to providing home care services to infants, children and teens with complex disabilities. We specialize in promoting a nurturing environment of community-based care and provide high-quality therapies and services as well as one-on-one training to support your family.

Focused Care Services With a Powerful Strategy
We provide family-centered, pediatric care services in the home and connect children with disabilities and their families to key community resources for job assistance, financial counseling, food banks, child recreation and education. We’re here to help you feel comfortable taking care of your child's health and using medical equipment at home, with the goal for you to become as independent as you can in carrying out your child's care plan.

HSC Home Care, LLC Receives Maryland Residential Service Agency License
Now operating in Prince George’s County as HSC Health & Residential Services, the organization is providing focused, pediatric care services in the home to complex and medically fragile infants, children and young adults with disabilities (license R3528). Read more.

This link opens a new window. CHAP is an independent, nonprofit, accrediting body for community-based health care organizations, which accredits nine programs and services. As the oldest national community-based accrediting body with more than 8,300 sites currently accredited, our purpose is to define and advance the highest quality of community-based care.