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Licensed-Clinical Social Workers

Our licensed-clinical social workers are available to assist patients and families with financial, social and emotional concerns as well as to promote efficient coordination of client care through a collaborative practice with the family, caregivers, home care team and community resources. HSC Home Care Licensed Clinical Social Workers Social workers assess/reassess social and emotional factors, caregiver role strain in order to help the patient and family cope with day to day life challenges. Our social workers assist in connecting the families with community resources. Identification of community resources that can be essential in helping families and caregivers address housing, food, health, safety and other issues that may impact their ability to assume and master care strategies necessary to follow medical recommendations to stabilize, maintain and restore efforts to help children reach their milestones.

This link opens a new window. CHAP is an independent, nonprofit, accrediting body for community-based health care organizations, which accredits nine programs and services. As the oldest national community-based accrediting body with more than 8,300 sites currently accredited, our purpose is to define and advance the highest quality of community-based care.